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Debris Recovery

Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling

Rosby Resource Recycling offers you a convenient, cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to traditional "C&D" disposal. We accept all of your construction and demolition debris, as well as your organic yard waste at our facility.

Our dedicated team will process your debris and expertly sort material for reuse such as wood, shingles, cardboard, metals, and brick / masonry waste.

Container Service Available
Extended hours and contract discounts/competitive rates
The number one choice for cost-effective C&D waste management
Centrally located near the I-480/I-77 interchange in Brooklyn Heights

Meet "Green" goals with alternative waste management solutions

Let us help you discover cost-effective and environmentally sound alternatives to manage your current waste streams. We understand the challenges and rewards of recycling and we are experts at pushing the envelope to discover innovative approaches to help reduce hauling costs and improve recycling initiatives.
Alternative materials for your next project
We love a challenge.
Contact us to find out if we can provide you with a cost-effective 100% recycled alternative to virgin raw materials for your manufacturing process or your next construction/landscaping project.