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Rosby Resource Recycling...

The recycling and composting of organic materials has been part of the Rosby Farm operation for many years. In 1987 we expanded the operation to include the processing, recycling, and proper disposal of construction and demolition debris. We are now recognized throughout Northeast Ohio as an innovative leader with a positive, can-do approach. We produce high quality, competitively priced materials for site finishing, landscaping, and property management, and we continue to grow and improve our products and services.

* Our primary business focuses on the recycling of organic materials into mulch, soil, compost and leaf humus for wholesale markets, and the recycling of construction and demolition debris.

* We help businesses divert valuable materials such as clean wood, cardboard, and construction materials into recycling rather than into landfills. 

* We reclaim tons of material from the waste stream each day that otherwise would have been buried in the earth, and we find ways to reintroduce valuable resources back into local markets.

Recycling Organic Materials

Rosby Resource Recycling produces soils, organic humus and compost, and a variety of mulch products. Organic materials and clean, untreated wood waste from landscapers, municipalities, and manufacturing operations are recovered and recycled.

Throughout the year we work with landscapers, developers, municipalities, and construction companies to collect leaves, brush, stumps, logs and yard waste.  We carefully manage the composting and processing of these materials to produce high quality materials.Our customers include cities and municipalities, real estate developers, construction companies, universities, professional landscapers, public and private golf courses, park systems, and major distributors in our area.

Construction & Demolition Debris

The recovery of wood and organic waste is just part of our unique, full service Construction & Demolition (C&D) recovery operation. Materials such as concrete, masonry waste, and metals are also expertly sorted and processed for reuse. 
* Our customers include large and small general contractors, residential and commercial builders, and government agencies--particularly when green building and LEED requirements from the United States Green Building Coalition come into play.
* We are an integral part of the region's waste disposal network, serving national and local waste haulers, who in turn support the building and demolition trades in Greater Cleveland.