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Organic Yard Waste...

Organic Yard Waste Recycling

Rosby Resource Recycling is your one-stop facility for disposal of organic yard waste. We accept all organic yard waste material including leaves, grass clippings, wood chips, brush, logs, and fill soil.


Centrally located near the I-480/I-77 interchange in Brooklyn Heights
Extended hours and contract discounts/competitive rates
We also accept construction and demolition debris for recycling in addition to organic yard waste
Soil, mulch, stone and plant products available on site
The number one choice for cost-effective yard waste management


Rosby Resource Recycling
helps you manage your largest single component of municipal waste - yard waste. Let us show you how to reduce your disposal costs AND become a greener community with innovative yard waste management programs.

Meet state and/or locally mandated recycling goals
Secure the most cost-effective solution to meet budget and procurement requirements
Keep track of and monitor your recycled material percentage
A public relations plus for your community

Why Recycle?

Rosby Resource Recycling is committed to eliminating materials from the waste stream and landfills. Here are some of the reasons why:

Ease environmental problems - do your part to mitigate the problems associated with landfills by reducing materials that need to enters fills, reduce landfill size and the related amount of runoff.

Save natural resources - Reusing discarded products and organic waste reduces the use of virgin materials and conserves resources for our children's future.

Prevent pollution - Recycling helps to reduce manufacturing pollution and  reliance on virgin materials

Save money - Recycling reduces disposal fees and the high cost of virgin materials

Save energy - In many cases, energy is saved in manufacturing waste management then reusing materials

Create jobs - Recycling is one the fastest-growing job creation sectors in our economy

It's just plain smart - Compost produced from yard waste has many benefits. Reusing materials, rather than burying, makes the most sense for the environment.